Adopted on 2018-05-28

Meet Cindy, the bear girl, who is made by me of my own bear pattern. She is 36 cm high.

Cindy is sweet little bear, made of very nice beige-creamy faux fur with darker adds.

This cute little girl has shiny, brown, hand-painted glass eyes which are sparkly. Her nose is made of very good quality painted clay. Nose shine very nice and it have a white blink. Cindy has also ribbon with hand made flower on her head.

Cindy's face is very carefully scissor sculpted and gently shaded, what gave me really good fun while I was making it.

Bear  has very sweet feet, which are made of fleece and was embroidered and shaded. When you touch them, You can feel the fingers.

This very polite girl is 5 fully jointed bear, she can move her arms, legs and head. She is filled by soft anti-allergic polly-fill and steel shots, what makes her quite heavy. She has also label with my logo.

Cindy will come with wooden emblem with my logo.

Bear was made in smoke-free and children-free home


Any questions? Please, fell free to ask me :) 


Please, keep in mind that i live in Poland so i don't respond immediately. When it's day in your country, it's could be night on my side.


If You want adopt Cindy, I will send her in 3-5 business days after I receive payment.
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girl, Flower, ribbon, beige, yellow, OOAK, bear

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